[Life By You] What We're Still in the Dark About in LBY!

By PinkRose, 11/12/2023

Greetings, fellow life simulation enthusiasts! As we delve into the heart of fall, the anticipation for the Early Access version of Life By You in March 2024 is building. Let's embark on a journey through the questions and curiosities that linger as we approach the release.


Exploring the Unknown:

Rather than revisiting what we already know about Life By You, let's take a moment to reflect on what remains shrouded in mystery. As we inch closer to the Early Access launch, I find myself pondering the intricacies of the game, seeking answers to the following aspects.

  1. The Enigma of Careers: The career system in Life By You has piqued our interest, especially regarding the creation of custom careers. While we've received teases about a video explaining this system, crucial questions linger. Can a community lot function without a career attached? Do businesses need employees for community lots to operate effectively? How does a Life By You human obtain a promotion, and will business owners need to manage revenue and costs?

  2. Apartments: The topic of apartments in Life By You is rife with speculation. While a screenshot hints at the possibility, the Life By You team hasn't explicitly confirmed their inclusion in the Early Access or base game. Questions abound: Are apartments part of the game? Can players build attached housing, and are mixed-use lots (combining commercial and residential spaces) feasible?

  3. Weather and Seasons: A controversial subject revolves around the absence of explicit confirmation regarding weather and seasons. Unlike apartments, there are no indicators or clues suggesting their inclusion. While I've made the case for their potential introduction in future expansion packs, it's crucial for the Life By You team to clarify whether weather and seasons will be part of the Early Access or base game.

  4. Life Stages and Family Gameplay: The playable life stages have undergone scrutiny since the Early Access delay. We were initially told that the teen to elder life stages would be playable, but uncertainty surrounded children and younger stages. Has this changed with the delay, and will pregnancy be part of the Early Access version? Clarification on these matters is essential for managing player expectations.



As we eagerly await the Early Access version of Life By You, let's engage in a community discussion. Share your thoughts, questions, and speculations about the game. The Life By You team holds the key to unraveling these mysteries, and as March approaches, clarity on these aspects will be crucial to foster understanding and mitigate potential disappointments.



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