[Millennia] A new historical 4X strategy game published by Paradox Interactive

By ParadoxMods, 03/26/2024



In an exciting development for strategy game enthusiasts, Paradox Interactive has officially launched its highly anticipated historical 4X strategy game, Millennia. Today marks the day when players can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of gameplay mechanics and embark on a journey spanning 10,000 years of human history.

What Is Millennia?

Millennia invites players to shape the course of civilizations across ten distinct ages, from the earliest settlements to the brink of space exploration. The game encourages strategic thinking, experimentation, and discovery. Here are some key features:

  1. Customize Your Nation: Tailor your nation’s attributes to match your strategic situation or play style. Millennia offers a wide variety of traits, allowing you to explore unique combinations and adapt to the resources available to you.

  2. Variant Ages and Crisis Ages: Accomplish specific objectives to move time into Variant Ages—an alternate history with new rules, technologies, and units. However, beware of Crisis Ages; chaotic decisions may lead to war, sickness, or ignorance. Wise rulers can turn crises into opportunities.

  3. Soundtrack Immersion: Pre-purchase the game and receive the full Millennia soundtrack—a collection of 55 immersive tracks that enhance your experience both in and out of the game.

Release Date and Platforms

Millennia is now available for PC via Steam. As a rival to Civilization 7, Millennia aims to carve its own niche in the 4X genre. With its expansive scope and attention to historical detail, it promises to captivate players who seek to rewrite the story of a new empire.

Premium Edition and Expansions

The Millennia: Premium Edition includes exclusive cosmetic content, such as the Wolfpack Warband and Eagle Archers outfits, elevating the presence of your units in the game. Additionally, the Premium Edition grants access to two expansions:

  1. Millennia: Ancient Worlds: Take control of your people before their first settlement, while they still wander as nomads. Explore a new nomadic game start option, a unique National Spirit, and other bonuses.

  2. Millennia: Atomic Ambitions: Unlock the mysteries of the atom and change the world forever. This expansion introduces new Ages, a National Spirit, and nuclear options for the Strategic Warfare System.


As the release date arrives, anticipation for Millennia has transformed into excitement. Will you lead your civilization to prosperity or plunge it into chaos? The choice is yours, and the ages await your command. Embark on a journey through millennia and shape history! 🌟🌎




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