[Life By You] New Early Access Release Date

By PinkRose, 02/03/2024


Greetings, Life By You enthusiasts!

An essential update from the Life By You team that has recently decided to make a significant adjustment to the Early Access release date. After careful consideration and a thorough review of community feedback, the team has decided to move the Early Access launch to June 4, 2024. This decision aims to ensure a seamless and enjoyable player experience from the start and to build a strong foundation for the game during its Early Access phase.


The Decision and Its Rationale:

The Life By You team is equally excited about the game's release and is committed to delivering a product that aligns with players' expectations. This shift in the Early Access date allows the team to address critical areas and provide a bug-free, stable, and captivating experience for players. The extra development time will focus on key aspects:

  1. Bug Fixes: Ensuring a bug-free Early Access experience for maximum enjoyment.

  2. Performance & Stability: Improving the game's performance and stability to run smoothly on recommended specs.

  3. Character Art: Enhancing character proportions, idles, facial animations, reducing clothing clipping, and refining animation transitions.

  4. Building Assets: Adding more assets to Build Mode for increased building options.

  5. Gameplay Refinements: Addressing gameplay aspects based on player feedback and introducing desired elements.

  6. Mod Tool Usability: Enhancing mod tool usability based on feedback from modders.



The Impact on Players:

1. New Early Access Release Date: June 4, 2024.

2. Continuation of Early Access: Early Access remains crucial for the development cycle, allowing the team to incorporate player feedback and make necessary improvements. Updates, including bug fixes and additional content, will continue even after Early Access.

3. Pre-Orders: Pre-orders on Epic will not be re-enabled. Players who have pre-ordered can wishlist the game on Epic. The existing pre-order content will be available to everyone at the Early Access launch.

4. Early Access Discord: Eligibility for the Early Access Discord has shifted. Initially, it will be open to those who sign up for the email list. After the game enters Early Access, it will be open to those who purchased the game through Steam or Epic.

5. Development Updates: Regular development updates will continue, offering insights into ongoing features and incorporating feedback from the community.

6. Feedback Incorporation: In the coming months, the focus will be on improving existing features and content for Early Access. Suggestions and feedback will continue to be noted for future updates.

7. Assurance of Quality: The team is confident in the specific scoped list of improvements and is committed to prioritizing quality and player satisfaction.



While the delay in the Early Access release may bring a tinge of disappointment, the Life By You team's dedication to delivering an exceptional gaming experience is unwavering. The extended development time promises a more refined, bug-free, and enjoyable Early Access for players. The team remains excited about the journey ahead and looks forward to welcoming players to Life By You on June 4, 2024, on the Epic Game Store and Steam.




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