[Cities: Skylines II] References to SimCity 2013 catch your attention right away

By ParadoxMods, 11/16/2023


Colossal Order's latest update for Cities Skylines 2 encountered mixed responses, eliciting frustration due to postponed features and reduced patch frequency in the near future.

The recent Word of the Week, where CEO Mariina Hallikainen outlined upcoming plans, drew discontent, particularly on Reddit. In this update, the developers revealed plans to discontinue weekly patches after the next update. They clarified that the extensive work involved in creating patches hinders the possibility of weekly releases. Efforts are primarily directed towards enhancing GPU performance and refining the level-of-detail system. However, manual optimizations and asset adjustments are time-consuming.

The announcement concerning the delayed release of the editor until early 2024 has caused considerable backlash. While the editor is currently underway and being shared with a closed modding beta group, it currently offers only basic features like maps and support for code modding. The absence of asset importing functionality is disappointing for modders seeking to import their custom assets into the game.

Criticism on Reddit includes comparisons to past disappointments like Sim City 2013, emphasizing concerns about performance issues and gameplay. Some users express annoyance at the absence of the asset importer, highlighting its pivotal role in enabling creativity through custom buildings. The absence of a robust editor, essential for mods that characterized Cities Skylines 1, has sparked numerous negative comments. These sentiments underscore a growing dissatisfaction, particularly regarding performance issues and gameplay bugs, signaling potential challenges for replayability.



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