[Life By You] LBY Reveals an Exclusive Boutique Hotel Workplace

By PinkRose, 11/08/2023

Get a Sneak Peek of Life by You, the Upcoming Sims Rival, Featuring a Boutique Hotel Setting and Workplace.


If you're a fan of life simulators such as The Sims, Paradox Tectonic is giving us more insight into their upcoming addition to the genre, Life by You.

In this latest reveal, we explore an in-depth preview of the Boutique Hotel, one of the many unique venues and workplaces you can enjoy in the game's expansive open world.

The developers provide a comprehensive tour, covering both the hotel's exterior, complete with a tranquil garden for guests to unwind during their leisure time, and its meticulously designed interior.


Upon entering, you'll discover a welcoming lobby where you can efficiently manage guest check-ins and handle other administrative duties if your character is involved in hotel operations. A multitude of rooms awaits your exploration, each with its own unique charm.

Adding to the intrigue, tour buses frequently arrive, bringing in a steady stream of visitors to occupy the hotel's rooms. The specifics of whether these individuals are randomly generated or selected by alternate means remain undisclosed.

What's truly remarkable is that the hotel isn't a fixed structure. Players enjoy the freedom to relocate, modify, or entirely transform it to their liking, using the game's versatile tools.

To witness these captivating features in action, check out the video below.

Life by You is set to enter early access on March 5, 2024, after a slight delay from its initially planned September release.

This adjustment was made to ensure a strong start and align with the valuable input from fans, marking a thoughtful response to their feedback. Although the game is still in need of some refinements, it presents itself as a promising contender in the life simulation genre, potentially posing a genuine challenge to The Sims series.

Notably, Paradox Tectonic is helmed by Rod Humble, the former leader of The Sims franchise during the beloved era of The Sims 3. With his wealth of experience, there's considerable anticipation surrounding the game's potential to breathe new life into a genre historically dominated by EA's renowned franchise.



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