[Cities: Skylines II] Modding Community Gears Up with Exciting Mod Releases

By ParadoxMods, 10/31/2023

Early Mods 'Radio Skipper' and 'Unit as Length' Already Making Waves

In the ever-expanding universe of Cities: Skylines 2, modders have wasted no time diving into the game's possibilities and adding their creative touch to enhance the gaming experience. The modding community has taken its first exciting steps with early releases like 'Radio Skipper' and 'Unit as Length,' offering players new ways to enjoy the game.


'Radio Skipper': Silencing the Noise, Amplifying the Music
Are you tired of those pesky radio commercials, news updates, and public service announcements interrupting your perfect city-building playlist? 'Radio Skipper' is here to save the day. This mod does just what it says on the tin – it silences all those unwanted interruptions, leaving you free to enjoy the music on your in-game radio without any disruptions. Say hello to a more harmonious city-building experience.

'Unit as Length': The Old Way on Measurement
For those who crave precision in their city planning, 'Unit as Length' offers a unique perspective. This mod introduces a novel system of measurement, allowing you to build and design your city with a fresh sense of accuracy. Explore the possibilities of this innovative mod as you take your city to new heights.



The modding community is buzzing with excitement as these early releases pave the way for what's to come. These mods, while just the tip of the iceberg, hint at the boundless creativity and potential that Cities: Skylines 2 modding has to offer. Players can look forward to an ever-expanding library of user-generated content that will undoubtedly enhance and diversify their city-building adventures.

As the modding community gains momentum, the future of Cities: Skylines 2 looks promising, with players and modders collaborating to create a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and innovative mods as Cities: Skylines 2 continues to evolve.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out 'Radio Skipper' and 'Unit as Length,' and stay connected with the modding community for all the latest updates.
The city of your dreams is just a mod away!

Note: 'Radio Skipper' and 'Unit as Length' are user-generated mods and may require installation and compatibility checks with your game version. Be sure to follow instructions provided by mod creators for the best experience.

We will keep you updated with the latest mod releases, city-building tips, and all things about Cities: Skylines 2.



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