[Cities: Skylines II] Free Packages With Over 2,500 Regional Sites for C:S 2

By ParadoxMods, 10/28/2023


Just a mere four days ago, Cities: Skylines 2 made its debut with the promise of numerous upcoming DLCs. What's interesting is that not all of these will come at a cost. Colossal Order has now revealed the arrival of Region Packs, a collaborative effort with modders who've contributed to Cities: Skylines content.

These Region Packs are set to introduce over 2,500 new objects, inspired by eight regions worldwide: Japan, the UK, the east and west coasts of the US, China, France, Germany, and Eastern Europe. These additions will be made available for free through the Paradox Mods platform, although a specific release date has yet to be disclosed.

While the prospect of new content is exciting, it's no secret that Cities: Skylines 2 faces more substantial challenges, notably in terms of optimization. The game currently struggles with performance and stability issues, even after a hotfix, making the need for improvements more pressing than a lack of content.



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