[Cities: Skylines II] Within a mere 30 minutes, Cities: Skylines 2 surpasses the player count of Its predecessor

By ParadoxMods, 10/24/2023

The city-building simulation Cities: Skylines 2, developed by the Finnish studio Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive, has achieved a remarkable feat. In just 30 minutes after its release, it has already exceeded the player count of its predecessor, Cities: Skylines. Currently, nearly 100,000 players are actively engaged in the game.


This milestone marks a significant achievement for Cities: Skylines 2 as it surpasses the peak player count of its forerunner, which reached a maximum of 60,000 players during its prime days. The current player count continues to rise, and the ultimate player count for Cities: Skylines 2 remains uncertain.


Furthermore, the city-building simulator has swiftly climbed into the top 10 on the Steam game distribution platform charts. At present, it holds the 8th position in terms of current player numbers. It's poised to make its way into the top 5 shortly.





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