[Cities: Skylines II] Performance with a happy ending?

By ParadoxMods, 10/24/2023


During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, developers from Colossal Order addressed the pressing inquiries of Cities: Skylines 2 enthusiasts. Naturally, the primary concern centered around performance, which had been less than stellar in prior evaluations. Nevertheless, the developers have ambitious strategies, leaving room for optimism post-release.

Cities: Skylines 2 just unlocked today. This will mark the first opportunity for all players to personally experience the gameplay and assess whether the performance aligns with the prior test results, which raised concerns. However, Colossal Order, the developer of Cities: Skylines 2, is committed to addressing these concerns. In an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, they eagerly responded to the burning questions fans had. Unsurprisingly, a central focus was on the performance.

Post-launch Efforts to Improve Performance

Colossal Order conducted extensive testing of Cities: Skylines 2 with various hardware configurations, and the outcomes yielded unexpected findings, as detailed on Reddit. They identified issues they are determined to resolve. The presence of game stuttering, which varies in intensity based on the CPU and city layout, should no longer disrupt the gameplay experience. Additionally, efforts are underway to optimize and balance GPU performance.

Colossal Order is committed to enhancing the performance of Cities: Skylines 2 by addressing effects that impact the pixel fill rate of graphics cards, with the option to disable or reduce these effects to yield improved frame rates. These effects encompass elements such as depth of field, global illumination, and volumetric effects. Moreover, general CPU performance will see improvements. These enhancements will be delivered through a series of smaller patches and likely a larger one, scheduled for release post Cities: Skylines 2's launch. Concurrently, discussions are underway with publisher Paradox Interactive to align the minimum and recommended system requirements with the updated state of the city-building game.

Chief Technical Officer Damsku from Colossal Order also emphasizes their intent to reduce the substantial "memory footprint," spanning both RAM and VRAM. These forthcoming updates are poised to deliver substantial performance improvements at default settings. It's important to note that Colossal Order's performance target is a stable 30 frames per second, prioritizing consistency over achieving 60 or higher fps.



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