[Cities: Skylines II] You'll probably have to wait months for a popular feature

By ParadoxMods, 11/14/2023


The official mod tools, a crucial element of the previous Cities Skylines installment, won't be available immediately in Cities: Skylines 2. Colossal Order, the developer, had previously disclosed that these tools wouldn't accompany the game's launch, and the team is diligently working on them. CEO Mariina Hallikainen mentioned that the current editor includes maps and support for code modding but lacks the ability to import assets.

They're aiming to introduce these tools in the upcoming months and plan to keep expanding modding capabilities throughout the game's lifecycle.
Until then, Paradox Mods will feature the announced regional packs while creators await the asset import function.

Hallikainen mentioned that it might take "a few months to refine the editor," but there's "no specific timeline" in place yet, and they're avoiding commitments they can't fulfill. This implies that additional mod tools likely won't be available this year, so patience is key. Colossal Order is presently prioritizing tasks more pressing post-release, like enhancing GPU performance and addressing LODs. These improvements are anticipated to significantly enhance overall performance.

While we're waiting for the official mod tools, there's no need to wait for exciting content. Explore a variety of mods already available on our site, offering diverse enhancements for Cities: Skylines 2.

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