Props in C:S2 and where to find them

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Although it sometimes works and sometimes it's really hard to call that option.


  1. activate dev mode
  2. start the game (a new or an existing one)
  3. Tab calls in plenty of options to control the game - including the weather conditions for those who want to get rid of rain to take that screenshot, or remove snow (or keep it on for 365 days a year (or 12 days a year));
  4. if opened that option, press Tab again to close that menu
  5. press Home

Here is your list - there are some props among many other things. Unfortunatelly it seems that it sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. Restarting the game will defnitely bring that option back to work.... also... I think you will have to press Home to close the window - using X button... will cause the trouble above :)
Let me know in comments what influences that.

Also - randomization... A big hit - there are 30 rocks and randomization seems to be for all 30 of them!!!

And as in the screenshots below - you can find some of those props from the maps - like the "mill" below. Type in "ruin" and you'll find more.




Here you will also find parts of farms, ore mines and so on: search for "extractor" for example.

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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