Cities: Skylines II Quay Road Guide

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I've gotten pretty good at quickly making quays, so here's a post explaining the steps I take to get results like below since I see a lot of people asking others how to do so.


There are two methods I use depending on if the quay will be separating land and water, or land and more elevated land.

Water Quays

  1. Once you figure out where you want your road to go, pull out the level tool in the terraforming and right-click/select the contour line directly above the water.


  1. I recommend a brush strength of 25-50%, and size of around 30 for this. Level the land out towards the inland side along the shore, wide enough to fit the road. You can drag the land out into the water if you want to change the shape of the road. The important part is that where the water and land meet is exactly where your road will be placed so keep that in mind.



  1. Pull out the road tool. Raise elevation to 3.75m. Anything less than 3.75m won't work due to game limitations. I recommend using the "Continuous" tool mode, especially with curvy shores, but you can get away with straight roads too if you terraformed a straight edge. Disable all snapping for now.

  2. Place the first road node directly where the land and water meet.



  1. Place your road so that the center of the road is always just about where the sea and land meet. There are a few important things to check before placing each segment of the road.
  • You'll notice that on the water side of the road there is the railing. That is what you want. If you do not see the railing on the water side then the placement is off.
  • Similarly, you'll see no railing on the land side. This is what you want there. If you see a railing on the land side then the placement is not correct, or you need to go back to step 2 of preparing the terraforming properly.
  • The angle of the road is very important here. If you're aiming for a flat road, make sure the angle is as close to 0% as possible. The game is very finicky with the placement, so a few pixels in either direction could cause a drastic shift in elevation resulting in a bumpy, unnatural road.



  1. After you place the road, it should look like below. You'll notice the steep dip in elevation in the zoning grid; we'll fix that next.



  1. Take out the level tool again and right-click/select the contour line directly next to the road on the inland side. Now just level the land next to the road until it looks good to you.



  1. After that is done you'll notice some jagged edges along the road. We'll fix that by going into a direct birds-eye view and then using the level tool (same elevation as step 7) so that the edge of the affected area goes to the middle of the road. Drag along the entire road and those jagged edges should be fixed.




  1. Finally, facing the sea-side of the road you may see some land popping up from the water. If that isn't the look you're going for then just take the leveling tool, select a few contour lines down under the water, and carefully level the land in the water next to the road out. The edge of the affected area in the level tool should just clip into the road; don't go too far or you'll mess up the terraforming on the inland side of the road. You can use the smoothing on that land under water after as well. Final product should look like below



Land Quays

Similar steps to get this effect when you're building a quay 100% on land, so read the above about water quays first since I'm not going to go into as much detail here.

  1. Use the leveling tool to create the cliff you want the quay to be on the edge of. Be sure to leave enough room up top for the road. The height of the cliff should be roughly the height you want the road at.



  1. Unlike quays next to water, you do not need to set the road height to 3.75m if the cliff is high enough. I set it to 0m, and if the cliff isn't high enough I just raise the terrain until it is. So just place the road so that its center is on the edge of the cliff and you will have a quay. Keep in mind the tips about elevation %, and make sure the cliff-side of the road has rails and the other side doesn't. Use the same terraforming techniques with the leveling tool as water quays to give it a flush look at the base.



Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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