Setting up BepInEx for Cities: Skylines II

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Dive into this comprehensive guide and discover how to set up BepInEx, install plugins, and troubleshoot effectively.

or those venturing into the world of Cities Skylines 2 modding and planning to harness the power of BepInEx (bleeding edge), we've put together a handy guide to get you started. This guide is tailored to the Mono version of .NET Standard 2.1.

  1. Obtain BepInEx: - Begin your journey by visiting the BepInEx GitHub releases page or downloading the latest bleeding edge version on this site.

  2. Unpack BepInEx: - Find your Cities Skylines 2 installation directory, typically located under Steam\steamapps\common\Cities Skylines II. - Extract the contents of the BepInEx zip file directly into this directory.

  3. Configure BepInEx: - Within the Cities Skylines 2 directory, you should now spot a BepInEx folder. - Open the config folder. For most, the default settings will suffice. However, for debugging purposes: - Activate the console window by editing the BepInEx.cfg file and setting ConsoleEnabled to true within the [Logging.Console] section.

  4. Visual Studio Templates: - BepInEx offers Visual Studio templates to kickstart your mod development. - Download the bleeding edge Visual Studio templates for BepInEx. - After downloading and setting up in Visual Studio, don't forget to adjust the generated .csproj file to target .NET Standard 2.1.

  5. Installing Plugins: - BepInEx plugins come in the form of .dll files. - Add a new plugin by placing its .dll file in the BepInEx\plugins directory.

  6. Launch Cities Skylines 2: - Commence your gaming adventure as usual. BepInEx will automatically load any installed plugins during startup. - With the console window enabled, you'll gain a real-time, interactive view of BepInEx and your plugins in action.

  7. Troubleshooting: - If you encounter any issues, consult the BepInEx documentation or seek help within this community. Ensure that your plugins are compatible with your BepInEx version.

Note: The bleeding edge edition of BepInEx might introduce experimental features. Always review the release notes and exercise caution when updating, especially if your mods are essential for your game saves.

Embark on your modding odyssey and let your creativity shine. Whether you stumble upon valuable insights or require clarifications, feel free to share them below. Let's nurture a vibrant and supportive Cities Skylines 2 modding community!

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