[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Gameplay] Land Value & Building Rent Restrictions

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Land Value & Building Rent Restrictions


Mod Description

The Latest Update

  • Configurable land value cap and rent cap.
  • Add switches for the mod's three major function.


  • Set a global and configurable upper bound for land value. Land value of the city will stop rising when hitting this limit. This function can be turned off via a configuration entry.
  • Set a configurable upper bound for rent. The per-family rent cap of residential properties and per-building rent cap of non-residential ones are separately configurable. This function can be turned off via a configuration entry.
  • Building upgrading is now faster. This function can be turned off via a configuration entry.
    • The upkeep of a building now has no negative impact on its level-up progress.
    • Maxrent, instead of rent, now contributes to the building's level-up progress.
    • According to the underlying game mechanism, only the rent pushes a building's level-up progress, and the building upkeep and its garbage processing fee blocks it. If you set the land value cap or the rent cap to very low value, it is strongly recommended to turn this function on, or the building's level-up progress will instantly drop to a negative value and you will find those buildings being quickly abandoned by your citizens.

Configuring the Setting

  • First launch the game with this mod loaded, and close the game (to generate the configuration file).
  • Open the configuration file (..\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\config\LandValueCap.cfg), modify each configuration entries and save the file.
  • Now launch the game again with this mod loaded and enjoy it!


  • Two versions of this mod is provided:
    • LandValueCap_b5.dll:Full mod for BepInEx5
    • LandValueCap_b6.dll:Full mod for BepInEx6
  • Choose one of the four files and put it into ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\


  • This mod has not been fully tested yet. You may still encounter terrible possibilities such as game crashes and broken saves. Please use at your own risk.
  • This mod is balance-breaking and lowers the game difficulty.
  • This mod theoretically has no impact on the original game except for its land value, rent, and building level systems. If something weird happens in game, carefully read the mod description again. The low land value or the rent should be its root cause.









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