[Cities: Skylines 2 - General] Ukrainian Localization

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Ukrainian Localization

Ukrainian Language Pack for Cities: Skylines II 🇺🇦

Installation Instructions:

  1. In the game directory, locate the following folder: Cities Skylines II\Cities2_Data\StreamingAssets\Data~
  2. Create a backup of the ja-JP.loc file to secure your original localization settings
  3. Move the downloaded file to this folder
  4. Upon launching the game, access the settings and choose the Ukrainian language option

The translation currently covers 96% of the game content. Please note that the remaining 4% is handled by machine translation, which may result in occasional errors and inaccuracies.

Game Version: 1.0.12f1
Official Github: https://github.com/minenkoden/skylines2-ua

Important: When updating the game, it's possible that the localization file will be restored to its original state. To maintain the Ukrainian translation, simply re-upload this file to the folder as previously described. Enjoy your gaming experience in Ukrainian!


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