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    Is ParadoxMods safe?

    ParadoxMods is the safest place for downloading!  Here's why

    1. We check our content!

    Unlike most other sites, we check the files we host.  We have a testing team on staff who check that:

    • downloads work as they should in-game
    • downloads are safe to use
    • downloads do not exceed Paradox's standards for polygon counts
    • downloads don't contain oversized textures that slow down your game
    • downloads don't contain malware or harmful scripts
    • downloads look exactly in game as in the screenshot

    From time to time, Paradox Interactive releases a game update that breaks content!  It's inevitable really. 
    If anything DOES stop working correctly, we have a robust reporting procedure where we'll test and take down any content that no longer works as it should.

    2. Adverts and quality assurance

    Like many sites, we depend heavily on advertising revenue so people can use the site for free.  The only other option would be to make everyone subscribe - something we don't want to do.  As a result, adverts are here to stay.  However, we choose our advertising partners carefully.

    Our standards for site adverts are that they're:

    • safe (no malware)
    • not intrusive (don't obscure site functionality)

    If you ever see an advert that falls short of these standards, please report it to us with links and screenshots.  We can then contact the advertising partner direct to address the problem.

    3. Your safety first

    For site content such as user mods, we moderate their content.  We have protection in place to ensure off-site parties cannot use ParadoxMods for inappropriate and unrelated content, and we have a 'report' option for comments and guest book entries.




    Is ParadoxMods really free?

    Yes, ParadoxMods IS totally free.  

    Every single download is or will be freely available to every user. 

    All we ask for in return...

    That you allow our advertising partners to place adverts on the pages you visit.  We've listened to your feedback and have finally been able to reduce the number of adverts we must host AND we've been able to arrange them in a less intrusive way.  So, all we ask of you is that you DON'T block our advertising partners as they are paying for your access in return for advertising their goods and services.  We think that's a fair exchange and we hope you'll do that.  If you do already, we thank you!

    What if I don't want to become a member at all?

    Unlike many download sites, we will still allow you to download even if you don't create an account with us.  Of course, you won't have access to any download history but that's not important to everyone.  We do add a download delay for anonymous users because, by being anonymous, your data will not help us gain a true picture of what's popular with our customers or give us a full picture on how our service is used and when.  In order to scope and scale our service properly, we do rely on people signing up for a free account - it helps us hugely.  We will never insist on it, but if you do decide to join our community, we will remove the extended anonymous-member delay on downloads as thanks for your support.

    By the way, your data is safe with us.  The only information we keep while you're with us is the email address you sign up with (and we never, ever pass this on to any other party).

    You still want to block adverts?

    We are no longer preventing the use of ad-blockers, but we really DO still hope you'll consider supporting our advertising partners and allowing their adverts to show as they are the people who make it possible to keep our site free for all.  If you don't want to do that, you will experience a delay timer with each download, but you can get rid of that by adding us to your permitted sites list.

    Why the extra click?

    Some of you have asked why we added an extra click to the download process for free downloaders.  As trivial as it seems, we were actually breaking Google's advertising rules by NOT having that click, so we had to implement it. While an extra click might seem inconvenient, we hope you'll understand we had no choice about that.




    Is ParadoxMods fast?


    Get lightning-fast downloads of mods and custom content for all Paradox games with our optimized download process. We understand that waiting for a mod to download can be frustrating, so we've taken steps to ensure that your download speeds are as fast as possible. Our servers are optimized to deliver high-speed downloads to your device. With our fast downloads, you can start enhancing your games experience with exciting mods and custom content in no time. So, why wait? Browse our selection of top-rated mods and download them now to take your gameplay to the next level!