[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Gameplay] Line Tool Lite

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Line Tool Lite


  • Place objects in lines - straight lines, curves, or circles.
  • Fence mode - automatically align and place objects end-to-end.
  • Accurate placement - no worrying about imprecision.
  • Easily adjust spacing and rotation using the in-game tool UI (including random rotation for that natural look).
  • Live previewing included, so you can provisionally place a line and adjust spacing and/or rotation to see how it looks in real-time before making the final placement (or cancelling).
  • Displays distances and angles for fine-tuning.

Works on all types of objects - trees, shrubs, props. You can even place simple buildings and even vehicles (for amusement value only - see limitations below).


To activate the tool:

  • Select the object that you'd like to place in a line (e.g. a tree) - either normally or with the Dev UI.
  • Press Control-L to activate the line tool and bring up the tool UI (in the normal tool options place, towards the bottom-left of the screen).

To place the line:

  • Left-click where you want the line to begin, and left-click again at the desired endpoint to place the objects (curves require three clicks - start, guidepoint, and end).
  • Right-click at any time to cancel placement.
  • Shift-click at the end will start a new line placement at the exact same spot where the previous line ended.
  • Control-click at the end will leave the line in preview mode; it's not fully placed yet so you can go and adjust the settings and see the results in real time. When finished, left-click to place or right-click to cancel.

Use the tool UI to:

  • Toggle fence mode - objects will be automatically aligned with the line direction and placed continuously end-to-end.
  • Toggle between straight line, curved, and circle modes.
  • Adjust distances using the arrow buttons - plain click for 1m increments, shift-click for 10m, control-click for 0.1m.
  • Select random rotation to have each object in the line have a different randomly-chosen rotation, or otherwise manually adjust the rotation for all items using the arrow buttons - plain click for 10-degree increments, shift-click for 90 degrees, control-click for 1 degree.

To exit the tool:

  • Press Escape, or
  • Select another tool or object.


  • BepInEx 5
  • Unified Icon Library


  1. Make sure that BepInEx 5 is installed.
  2. Place the LineToolLite folder in the archive in your BepInEx Plugins folder.



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