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  1. Our community places modders at the forefront, as they are the driving force behind this community's appeal, enabling the creation and enjoyment of mods. If you disagree with a mod's direction, please express your concerns constructively, or consider developing your own mod to align with your preferences. Be respectful.
  2. Prohibited content: The discussion or distribution of blatantly illegal content, including piracy, game cracks, or any explicit depictions of underage individuals, is strictly forbidden.
  3. Forum signature guidelines: Signatures should not exceed 250 pixels in height or 600 pixels in width and must not contain affiliate links, pay site links, or animated GIFs. While some flexibility is allowed regarding signature size and avatars, please ensure they are not overly intrusive.
  4. Anti-piracy stance: We neither endorse nor provide support for piracy. Do not seek help with pirated games here, and refrain from assisting others in piracy-related activities.
  5. Avoiding drama: Bickering, drama, or public call-outs of other forum members will not be tolerated. Maintain a drama-free environment focused on helping one another with modding.
  6. Restriction on certain conversations: To preserve a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, we do not permit discussions on politics or religion, as these topics can lead to disputes and offense. We aim to keep the site neutral and open for all.
  7. Inclusivity: We aspire to be an inclusive and friendly gaming community, welcoming individuals of all genders, orientations, nationalities, religions, and beliefs. Those who disrupt this harmony will face appropriate action.
  8. Duplicate topics: Duplicate threads on the same subject will be locked and redirected to the existing thread.
  9. Account deletion: If you wish to delete your account, access the 'Delete My Account' option in your Account Settings. Posting such requests elsewhere may lead to them being ignored.
  10. Free and open community: Members must not charge for mods, support, or place content behind a paywall. Donation links to support authors are acceptable, provided no explicit rewards are guaranteed.
  11. Report button usage: The report button should only be employed for severe offenses necessitating immediate moderator intervention, such as piracy, member attacks, spam, or illegal content. Trivial matters, such as thread placement, duplicates, or deletion requests, will be handled by the community naturally or addressed by the moderators at their discretion. Frequent misuse of the report button for trivial matters may result in action against the user.
  12. Marketing spam: Marketing spam posts will result in an immediate ban.
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