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DucksInARow - Prop Placement


Introducing the "DucksInARow" mod for Cities Skylines 2.
This mod aims to elevate your city-building experience with advanced prop placement options.


  • Precise Prop Alignment: Effortlessly align props in a straight line with an 8-meter default spacing, enhancing placement accuracy.
  • Strategic Tree Placement: Sequentially placing trees aims for even spacing along a line, although results may vary due to the game's inherent logic.
  • Minimal Interface, Console Log Guidance: The mod currently lacks a dedicated interface but delivers output in the console log for easy tracking.
  • BepInEx5 Dependency: For seamless operation, ensure BepInEx 5 is installed alongside this mod.

Essential Shortcuts:

  • LEFT SHIFT: Toggle the mod's functionality while using the tree placement tool.
  • UP/DOWN ARROWS: Adjust prop spacing in meters to suit your design precision.



  1. Download and install BepInEx 5
  2. Place the mod (folder) in ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\




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26 minutes ago, Seanart said:

I must be missing something but I hold the left shift key down while placing the trees but it still just places 1  not a line.


press left SHIFT and put one tree for start and one tree for end the rest will filled up with trees.

you hear also a sound when tool is activatet.

you can also decrease or increase the space between the trees / bushes. (to do this.... place first tree and than use up and down arrow (you hear also a sound))


i hope this helps 😀


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