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Only Adult Trees

Welcome to OnlyAdultTrees, a mod created by optimus-code for Cities Skylines 2 that revolutionizes the tree growth system within the game. This modification skips the juvenile and adolescent stages of tree development, allowing trees to directly mature into their adult phase, ultimately extending their adult lifespan in the game.


  • Altered Tree Growth System: Trees in Cities Skylines 2 now bypass the child and teen growth phases, directly advancing to the adult stage.
  • Enhanced Tree Lifespan: The lifespan previously assigned to younger phases is now integrated into the adult phase.
  • Gradual Update: Due to computational limitations, not all trees will immediately update. However, the transition to the adult phase will be notably faster.


  1. Download and install BepInEx v5
  2. Place the mod (folder) in ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\

Important Warnings

  • Experimental Mod: OnlyAdultTrees is an experimental mod but is still undergoing testing.
  • Performance Impact: Altering a Unity Burst job within this mod might affect game performance. Although the job doesn't execute frequently and the impact may not be highly noticeable, users should be aware of potential changes.
  • No Guarantees: There are no assurances about the stability of the game while using this mod. It could potentially cause unforeseen issues, and users should proceed at their own risk.


You can find an earlier and BepInEx 6 compatible version here.



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