[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Traffic] Safer Vehicle Pathfind

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Safer Vehicle Pathfind


  • This mod has not been fully tested yet. You may still encounter terrible possibilities such as game crashes. Please use at your own risk.



  • Prohibiting vehicles from occasionally violating intersection rules or making unsafe u-turns, as an effect of setting the path-finding cost of these behaviors to a very large value.
  • This mod is very similar to the mod BetterPedestrianPathfind in terms of underlying implementation.


  • SafePathFinding_b5.dll is the mod file for BepInEx 5
  • SafePathFinding_b6.dll is the mod file for BepInEx 6
  • Choose one of them that suits you and put it into ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\


Validating the Effect

  • The player made an isolated block with only one single outgoing connection with the city's major highway network. This outgoing connection is a puzzle made of one-direction 4-lane highway with a bypassing shortcut.  The player set the intersection rules for both the entrance and the exit of the shortcut so that  vehicles are prohibited from entering this shortage. The puzzle looks like this:

  • However, in the original game, a significant proportion of vehicles would find it extremely time-saving to violate the intersection rules and decide to utilize this shortcut against the player's will. After running the original game for 24 in-game hours, the traffic flow of the shortcut is measured:

  • Now we launch the game with this mod enabled and repeat the above experiment, it is evident that no vehicle dare to enter the shortcut anymore:





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