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Cim Behavior Improvements

Cim Behavior Improvement is a Cities Skylines 2 mod aimed at enhancing the AI behavior of Cims, making their choices more realistic to simulate human-like behavior. The primary aim is to minimize residential high rent warnings in the city, stemming from Cims living in unrealistic conditions that are beyond the player's control.

The mod enhances Cim behavior in Cities Skylines 2 with the following changes:

School Application Adjustments:

  • Adults with children now have a reduced chance of applying to school, divided by four.

Childbirth Probability Changes:

  • Older Cims (63 days or more) have a lower chance of having children, divided by four to prevent seniors from having young kids.
  • If a Cim's partner is older than 63 days, the usual birth chance boost is removed.
  • Students and larger households (4 or more members) also have reduced chances of having children, both divided by four.

Student Stipend:

  • Students now receive a $1,000/month housing stipend instead of the default unemployment benefit, aiding their survival.

High Rent Warning Suppression:

  • Households with savings exceeding $1,000 won't trigger high rent warnings, allowing them time to recover.



  • Place the CimBehaviorImprovements.dll file in your BepInEx Plugins folder





You are downloading, installing, and running this mod on your computer at your own risk.


The changes this mod makes take a significant amount of time to affect an existing city. It may take many, MANY hours of gameplay before you notice any reduction in high rent warnings in a city that was built prior to installing this mod. It is recommended that you start a new city to realize the most benefit in the shortest time possible.


This mod is not intended to reduce the number of seniors with teenage children. Adults only have 63 days before they age up to seniors. Children become teens after 21 days of age, and teens age up to adulthood after 36 days. Normally, adults have 63 days to have children. This mod reduces that window to 42 days, and changing it to avoid seniors with teenage children would mean reducing the window even further to 27 days. I fear that this would destroy the birth rate in cities, so I tried to strike a balance between realism and not significantly affecting the birth rate. Future updates to the mod will allow players to tweak these values if they wish.




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