[Cities: Skylines 2 - Maps] Birmingham - Alabama

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Birmingham - Alabama

In the undulating hills and mountains of northern Alabama rests the vibrant city of Birmingham. Known for its robust steel production, it stands as a national leader in the industry. To the south lies a river, along with some groundwater, yet sourcing water might pose a challenge, echoing the reality of the city. The map features a steeper gradient of tiles along the hillsides of the primary valley, encouraging players to initiate construction within this basin. This map is the first of my creations to introduce custom tiles, departing from the standard grid layout. Crafting these tiles took two days, so I hope you find them enjoyable. However, for those who might not favor this feature, I'm also releasing a version of the map without these custom tiles.

Important Information:

  • The map contains custom map tiles, initially offering a smaller single-tile start. After reaching the first Milestone, you'll unlock 11 more tiles, allowing rapid expansion beyond the initial area.
  • While there is some groundwater available, starting the city might present initial challenges with water supply.
  • Abundant ore resources are available, but fertile land and oil reserves are scarce and are located away from the starting valley.
  • The map is densely populated with trees and bushes. Adjusting shadow settings to low or turning them off entirely might resolve any performance issues experienced.



  • Extract the files to your "\AppData\LocalLow\Colossal Order\Cities Skylines II\Maps\ folder"
    • If the Maps folder doesn't exist, you'll need to create it first



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