[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Gameplay] Extended Road Upgrades

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Extended Road Upgrades


Enter the "Extended Road Upgrades" mod — an exciting addition that empowers you to enhance your roads. With this mod, you can seamlessly upgrade your roads using the game's built-in tool to transform them into quays, retaining walls, or even elevate them.

This mod seamlessly integrates with the upgrade tool, granting you the ability to apply quays or retaining walls on one side or both sides of your road, as you prefer!

This release aims to liberate you from the need for meticulous terraforming just to create a quay. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to make changes to your roads without the hassle of demolishing and rebuilding meticulously designed routes.



  • Just place the mod (folder) in ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\


  • You will find new icons in the Road Upgrade menu, just after the Grass one.
  • Select one of them and upgrade your roads as you would with the other available upgrades.


This mod might mess up your save game. If this happens and some of your roads are acting weird you can bulldoze and recreate them to fix any issue.


Github: ST-Apps



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