[Cities: Skylines 2 - Maps] River Delta REVAMPED

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River Delta REVAMPED

Extract the files in your folder “AppData\LocalLow\Colossal Order\Cities Skylines II\Maps\"

Map Information:
- Map includes air, sea, rail, road, and electric connections.
- Starting tile has basic diamond interchange next to rail.
- Low voltage powerlines and sewage/water pipes run alongside highway, and along bridges for ease.

Special Notes:
- Use at your own risk, performance is NOT guaranteed! The map has an extremely heavy use of trees.
- River may not be working as intended, it flows most of the way down but sea still intrudes a bit, he knows the solution, but it would take more time than he would like.
- Entire map was reworked by hand in the "secret map editor" and stability of map is not guaranteed. Though, he have not experienced any issues yet.  
- Original map credit goes to Colossal Order and the Cities Skylines 2 team. Their original map looks great, he just wanted to rework it with my own flare.
- He's doing this for fun, and it takes a lot of work and time, but don't take it seriously. Nor should you. :)  

Show some love:
If you like the work RaftermanNZ did there, consider checking his YouTube channel out below and giving him some support! From Cities Skylines to DCS, it's a wonderful little place to catch some interesting content.


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Okay, I guess I will have to live with this. I simply do not have River Delta Revamped available when I load a new game via Steam. It worked with Tampere but the Icon for River Delta Revamped is simply not visible.

Another problem that maybe someone can help me with: When I try to create a Paradox Account in order to get the free castle via Steam, I continually get the message “Internal error”. What is wrong with my computer?


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