[Cities: Skylines 2 - General] MOOB - Map Optimization and Ongoing Bug-fixing

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MOOB - Map Optimization and Ongoing Bug-fixing

MOOB is a mod that functions as a "polyfill" to refine the Map Editor experience in Cities Skylines 2. It aims to rectify core issues and bridge feature gaps, elevating the usability and overall experience of map creation and editing.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Heightmap Import: Utilizes the Windows OpenFileDialog to simplify heightmap selection and import. This method offers greater ease compared to the game's ImageAsset functionality.
  • Heightmap Export to 16-bit RAW: Enables the exporting of heightmaps in the 16-bit RAW format, ensuring enhanced precision and broader compatibility.
  • Enabled Map Editor Option in Game: Unlocks the map editor within Cities Skylines 2, granting direct access for seamless map creation and editing.


MOOB Installation:

  1. Download the latest version of MOOB for your BepInEx version.
  2. Place the MOOB plugin file into the BepInEx/plugins folder located in your Cities Skylines 2 game directory.
  3. Launch the game, and MOOB will be activated.


Once installed, MOOB will automatically enhance the functionality of the Map Editor. Open Cities Skylines 2 and access the Map Editor to experience the improvements firsthand.


Github: optimus-code | Dimentox | Captain Of Coit


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