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CS2 Translator 1.0

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Thank you for downloading CS2 Translator. This software was created to make it easier for you to convert Cities Skyline 2 .loc language files to .txt format and vice versa, allowing for easy editing.


Once you unzip the tool, there is no need for installation. However, it is important to back up your original .loc language files before making any edits. These files are typically located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities Skylines II\Cities2_Data\StreamingAssets\Data~


\Cities Skylines II\Cities2_Data\StreamingAssets\Data~


You can use this tool in two ways to achieve the same result:

1. Simply drag and drop any language file onto the executable file, and it will automatically convert it to the other format (.txt to .loc or .loc to .txt).

2. Alternatively, you can open the tool first, select a source file, and click on the convert button.


The resulting .txt file follows a simple format:

Each property name is followed by a tab and then enclosed in curly brackets.

The entire file is divided into three sections: a header with four global data points, a section with all translations, and a final section with references.


To ensure successful conversion, please make sure that your new text remains within the curly brackets. The tool will alert you if any brackets are accidentally removed during the conversion process.


I strongly recommend avoiding modifications to the four values in the header section and the data in the second part unless it is for experimental purposes.


I hope this tool simplifies the lives of modders who have encountered untranslated dialogues or wish to fix specific ones or even translate the game into their own language.


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