[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Traffic] Traffic Lights Improvement

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Traffic Lights Improvement


Traffic Light Improvements

  • Converts all traffic lights in the city to a split phasing system
  • Please toggle existing traffic lights after installing the mod



  1. Install BepInEx 5 or BepInEx 6

    • Download BepInEx and unzip all contents into the game's installation directory, typically C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cities Skylines II

    • The installation directory should now include the BepInEx folder, doorstop_config.ini, winhttp.dll

  2. Download the mod and place the folder in the Cities Skylines II/BepInEx/plugins folder

  3. Launch the game, mods should be loaded automatically.


How To use

  1. Open the Roads Tool, switch to the Road Services tab, and select "Traffic Lights"
  2. A small window should appear in the top-left corner of your screen
  3. Select the signal mode you prefer

  4. Move your cursor to any existing junction and press the left mouse button, just like how you activate traffic lights within the game

  5. The selected traffic lights system should now operate in your chosen mode

I've got the permission to upload this mod.



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10 hours ago, F_thx said:

why not BepInEx 6.0.0

Slyh is working on a version for BepInEx 6.


8 hours ago, somerandomperson said:

I've downloaded this and have it in the BepInEx but in the logs it doesn't show it's loading. I'm pretty sure it's installed correctly, since the CustomTreeGrowth loads.

Any idea where I can go to troubleshoot?


Make sure you use BepInEx 5 for this mod. Since you mentioned CustomTreeGrowth it looks like you are using BepInEx 6.
Unfortunately Traffic Lights Improvement currently only works with version 5 but this will change soon.

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18 minutes ago, Alpharoth said:

i unzipped the files, and placed them in the file folder that it says, it does not work. i have the unzipped file folders in the steamapps/common/cities skylines 2. so.....c2vm.commonlibearies and c2vm,trafficlightenhancments "folders" are in the steamapps/common/cities skylines 2 folder.

You have to put the folders into Cities Skylines II/BepInEx/plugins/ .

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9 minutes ago, Alpharoth said:

i need to create the folder- "steamapps/common/cities skylines 2/bepinex/plugins" ? i unzipped the file, and it put two files into my steamapps/common/cities skylines 2. after "citiesskylines2", where the main "cities2" app is, i do not have a "bepinex/plugin" folder

You need this:

All mods are currently based on this framework.

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