[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Radio] Custom Music Loader

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Custom Music Loader

Unleash a symphony of your choice into the urban landscapes of Cities: Skylines 2 with the Custom Music Loader mod!
Elevate your city-building experience by replacing the default in-game music and radio stations with your handpicked tracks and break free from monotony and craft your city against a backdrop of personally curated tunes.

Installation Guide

  • This mod requires BepInEx 6.0.0 
  • Just place the mod (folder) in ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\

How to use

  • put your own music/audio files in ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\CustomMusicLoader\music
    • the audio files must be in the .ogg format!
  • in-game you can use the radio to skip or pause songs as usual

There are two sample files in the /music folder.

  1. Sample Music
  2. Deleted Spasm Radio Ad


Best combined with the Radio Skipper to the radio ads, news, and public service announcements!


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