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Ultimate Monitor is an insightful plugin for Gooee designed to provide comprehensive employment statistics in Cities Skylines 2. It offers detailed metrics including unemployment rates categorized by education level, counts of homeless households, and the prevalence of underemployment among Cims. You can also monitor city vitals from water availability, sewage, traffic flow etc.

This was previously based on CityMonitor and UnemploymentMonitor.


  • Cities Skylines II (latest patch)
  • BepInEx 5
  • Gooee (Version 0.7.0 or newer)

Installation Guide

  1. Confirm the installation of BepInEx 5 and HookUI (0.3.2 or newer).
  2. Place the UltimateMonitor.dll file in the BepInEx Plugins folder.

Current Mod Status

  • No known issues as of the latest update.


  • Liability: Use of this mod is at your own risk.
  • Data Integrity: Installation of this mod may slightly modify game save files. While tested for safety, backing up your game data is recommended as a precautionary measure.




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