[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Gameplay] Better Bulldozer

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Better Bulldozer


Easily delete things with bulldozer that you otherwise could not delete or easily delete.

These options used to be part of Anarchy but have been forked into this mod. This mod is intended to be used with Anarchy v1.3.0 or newer, however Anarchy is not required.


Unified Icon Library


Detailed Description

  • Icons for game manipulation and bypass confirmation for bulldozer.
  • Icon to show and EXCLUSIVELY target invisible paths/markers with the bulldozer and remove invisible paths/markers. See below.
  • Icon to EXCLUSIVELY target surfaces and spaces with the bulldozer and remove with one click. Works both inside and outside of assets.

Invisible Paths and Markers

Drawing invisible paths and markers is an unsupported feature of the game. You need DevUI to access the 'Add Object' menu via the home button to draw invisible paths and markers, unless another mod makes this more convenient.

With the Bulldoze tool you can select an icon to show and EXCLUSIVELY demolish invisible networks, invisible parking decals, various spots, points, and spawners, BUT SAVE BEFORE HAND!

One configuration I built/demolished resulted in a crash to desktop because I left a segment that was too short. Deleting them in a different order worked.

You cannot demolish invisible paths and markers within buildings.



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