[Cities: Skylines 2 - General] Image Overlay Lite

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Image Overlay Lite


A simple mod to Overlay an image on the game map.

Includes the ability to quickly and easily select and change between different images for the overlay. The size, position, rotation, and transparency of the overlay can also be adjusted.

Works both in-game and in the editor.


Selecting the overlay files

  • Place any desired overlays in ".png" format in the "Overlays" directory in your local settings (%LocalAppData%Low\Colossal Order\Cities Skylines II).
  • In the game's 'Settings' menu there will be a mod setting entry there for 'Image overlay' where you can choose the overlay image file that you want.
  • You can change the overlay file at any time. Press the 'refresh files' button to rescan the Overlays directory for changes (so you can add or remove overlay files even when in-game).

Displaying the overlay

  • Press Control-O to activate the overlay. Press Control-O again to hide it. There may be a slight pause in the game on the first activation as the image file is loaded.
  • The overlay will be automatically scaled to the vanilla playable area size (14 336m per side) and will be centred around middle of the map.

Repositioning the overlay

  • Press Control-PageUp and Control-PageDown to raise or lower the level of the overlay.
  • To rotate the overlay 90 degrees, press Control-. (period or ">") or Control-, (comma or "<").
  • To move the overlay horizontally, use the arrow keys with either Control (move 1m at a time) or Shift (move 10m at a time).

Resizing the overlay

  • Press Control-Minus and Control-Equals to shrink or expand the size of the overlay.
  • For large adjustments you can use the slider in the settings panel (you can use this to easily expand the overlay to cover the entire background terrain).

Changing the overlay's transparency

  • Use the slider in the settings panel to change the overlay's transparency. 0% (default) is fully opaque and 100% is fully transparent (invisible).



  1. Make sure that BepInEx 5 is installed.
  2. Run the game at least once after you've installed BepInEx and before you install this mod.
  3. Place the ImageOverlayLite folder in the archive in your BepInEx Plugins folder.



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