How To Improve Performance in Cities: Skylines 2

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Short guide on how to improve your performance in CS2.

Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive marketed Cities: Skylines 2 as a next-generation title with good reason.
It introduces one of the most intricate and realistic city-building mechanics, providing a fresh take on simulating a society. However, these advancements come with a substantial cost. Even users who meet the system requirements may encounter less than optimal performance.
Fortunately, there are several solutions available in the world of PC gaming to address these issues. In this guide, we'll walk you through the best methods for enhancing performance in Cities: Skylines 2.


To ensure the game runs smoothly, we advise making a few adjustments before embarking on your city-building adventure. Thus far, it appears that the game places significant demands on the CPU, potentially causing issues for users with processors that don't meet the recommended specifications. The GPU requirements are also substantial, but by modifying certain settings, you can improve game performance without compromising the visual experience. Here's what we suggest:


Best Option

Display Mode Fullscreen
VSync On
Dynamic Resolution Scale Quality Automatic
Anti-aliasing Quality Low SMAA
Clouds Quality Settings Medium
Fog Quality Settings Enabled
Volumetrics Quality Settings Low
Ambient Occlusion Quality Medium
Global Illumination Quality Medium
Reflections Quality Medium
Depth of Field Quality Low
Shadow Quality Low
Terrain Quality Settings Medium
Water Quality Settings Medium
Level of Detail Very Low
Animation Quality Medium
Texture Quality Settings Medium

As evident, the majority of the recommended options involve adjusting the quality settings to medium, a highly effective method for enhancing performance in Cities: Skylines 2.
The only exception is the Level of Detail, which should be set to a very low level. Surprisingly, this setting significantly influences the game's performance without significantly compromising its visual appeal. Even at lower settings, you can continue to appreciate the stunning visuals of this city builder while experiencing smoother gameplay.
If you're still encountering occasional frame rate drops, consider experimenting with a few additional options until you find the optimal configuration.

Tutorial Videos

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