[Cities: Skylines 2 - Scripts - Gameplay] Extended Hotkeys

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Extended Hotkeys


Extends the default hotkeys of Cities Skylines II with some useful ones.


  • CTRL + Q: Set net tool to straight mode
  • CTRL + W: Set net tool to curve mode
  • CTRL + E: Set net tool to complex curve mode
  • CTRL + R: Set net tool to continious mode
  • CTRL + T: Set net tool to grid mode
  • POS1: Reset elevation to 0 (If dev mode is activated uses END key instead)


  • Cities Skylines II
  • Installed BepInEx 5.x or 6.x


  • his mod requires BepInEx
  • Just place the mod (folder) in ...\Cities Skylines II\BepInEx\plugins\


Github: https://github.com/89pleasure/cities2-extended-hotkeys


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