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Gloss Mod Manager 1.23.1

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About This File

What is it?

Gloss Mod Manager (GMM) is a comprehensive modern game mod manager developed by 『小莫@3DM』. It provides an easy and user-friendly way for gamers to manage and install various mods for games. It ensures safety, simplicity, ease of use, and hassle-free quick download, installation, and uninstallation of mods. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, using GMM will make your mod installation and management much easier and faster.

How to use?
- Download and install it,
- Run `Gloss Mod Manager`.
- Select the game that you want to play.
- Enjoy!



- Adaptive language
  - Automatically set the language of the manager according to the system language.
- Adaptive theme 
  - Determine which theme to use based on the system theme.
- Simple UI
  - No extra content or bloated ads.
- Easy installation and download
- Convenient browsing and downloading of mods
- Comfortable animation
- Virus-free and binding-free program
- All features available for free

Supported Games
- [x] Elden Ring (fully supported)
- [x] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (fully supported)
- [x] Hogwarts Legacy (fully supported)
- [x] Left 4 Dead 2 (fully supported)
- [x] Cyberpunk 2077 (fully supported)
- [x] The Sims 4 (fully supported) 
- [x] Monster Hunter: World (fully supported)
- [x] Monster Hunter Rise (fully supported)
- [x] Tale of Immortal (fully supported)
- [x] Tale of Wuxia:The Pre-Sequel (fully supported)
- [x] Code Vein (fully supported)
- [x] Resident Evil 4 Remake (fully supported)
- [x] Stardew Valley (fully supported)
- [x] The Witcher 3 (fully supported)
- [x] Fallout 4 (fully supported)
- [x] Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (fully supported)
- [x] Don't Starve Together (fully supported)
- [x] Divinity: Original Sin 3 (fully supported)
- [x] Starfield (fully supported)
- [x] Armored Core 6 (fully supported)
- [x] Final Fantasy 7 Remake (fully supported)
- [x] Lies of P (fully supported)
- [x] Divinity Original Sin 2 (fully supported)
- [x] Rim World (fully supported)
- [x] Total War THREE KINGDOMS (fully supported)
- [x] Total War WARHAMMER III (fully supported)
- [x] SiFu (fully supported)
- [x] Resident Evil 2 Remake (fully supported)
- [x] Resident Evil 3 Remake (fully supported)
- [x] Resident Evil 8 (fully supported)
- [x] Devil May Cry 5 (fully supported)
- [x] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (fully supported)
- [x] No Man's Sky (fully supported)
- [x] 7 Days to Die (fully supported)
- [x] Planet Zoo (fully supported)
- [x] GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition (fully supported)
- [x] Red Dead: Redemption 2 (fully supported)
- [x] Nioh 2 (fully supported)
- [x] State of Decay 2 (fully supported)
- [x] Subnautica (fully supported)
- [x] Grim Dawn (fully supported)
- [x] Cities Skylines 2 (fully supported)


Development Plan
- [x] Design tool style and interface style.
- [x] Complete the basic framework of the tool and create the function to browse mods.
- [x] Add the function to download mods.
- [x] Implement the function to install and manage mods.
- [x] Adapt to some popular games.
- [x] Automatic update check
- [x] Implement the function of creating mod package
    - This function still needs improvement.
- [x] User login function
    - APP scanning login & account password login
- [x] Add the function to launch games and allow users to choose the game path.
- [x] Multilingual internationalization, allowing users to switch the application language.
- [x] Add the function to upload mod packages to the mod station.
- [x] Automatic check of mod updates
- [x] Implement the function of sorting mods, and allow users to customize the sorting method.
- [ ] Automatically handle mod conflict issues

- GitHub

- Discord



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